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One Too Many

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Theirs was the perfect relationship. They were adventurous and thrived on their spontaneous and healthy bedroom antics. Life was absolute bliss. Until he appointed a new staff member. For three months Pam endured the pains of a bad influence. They were literally pains. Dennis was slowly changing in to a monster. He became aggressive and violent and took everything out on Pam. His stop in at the local pub became more and more frequent. She came to dread those words ‘a quick one down at the pub’. He could handle any amount of alcohol but shooters affected him. Eventually Pam had had enough. She didn’t want to become an abused wife. She kept forgiving and forgiving. The time came when she knew her life was in danger. Dennis came home in a state and she knew she would have to defend herself. She grabbed her keys and made her great escape. Only to land up in the most gruesome accident of all time. Dennis was heartbroken. Is that what one more led to? What was in store for him?

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