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2050. Since the Secession, most of the civilized world's population lives destitute. For Michael, alone, fighting to survive by the cages, everything changes the night he meets Rena, the enigmatic redhead with turquoise eyes. Discovered, abducted and secreted away to the military facility for one of the most powerful and ruthless men in the World. Under the watchful eye of the dangerous Takada, head of counter intelligence, Michael and Rena form a team, their purpose the infiltration and assassination of all in their mysterious benefactor’s way.
But … All is not as it appears. Michael’s physical feats defy explanation. Rena is not whom everyone believes her to be. Playing a game of human chess to keep Michael and herself alive, Rena navigates her own secret agenda. An agenda made more complicated by the introduction of Megan, an unlikely street urchin brought in as leverage. Leverage to get Michael and Rena to do Takada's bidding.

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