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Yapti Tasbia - The Miskitu Motherland

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"Yapti Tasbia - The Miskitu Motherland" was written by the Matriarch of the Miskitu nation reflecting on her nation's Manifest Destiny of the Miskitu Kingdom to rise up and once again be a nation among nations by restoration of the legal government, their territorial boundaries, and national sovereignty.

The book records the Miskitu people who have endured degrading conditions of life, genocide, enslavement and poverty since 1894.

Throughout their history, from the first Miskitu kingdom contact with the Spanish and British, the author details how each nation's own interests circumvented the rights of the Miskitu nation to be a nation among nations, after the Miskitu nation replaced the Church of England with the Moravian Church as their established religion.

This book reveals both the obstacles as well as the United Nations international referendum process of decolonization to free the Miskitu Coast and restore its right to exist.

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