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Dangerously Inked

107 pages1 hour


Lottie is a professional, fearless and beautiful Interpol officer assigned to covertly investigate a wealthy international businessman. She discovers his crimes are far worse than her employers feared and meets a mysterious and dangerous stranger who is determined to bring the criminal's violent and terrifying world crashing down. Lottie gets close to a beautiful young model in the employ of her suspect. She must enter a world of money, painted flesh, violence and sex, and both Lottie and the enigmatic stranger must risk their lives to free the innocent victims of an evil organization, embarking on a passionate affair in the process. Lottie finds out just how far she is willing to go. Contains graphic sex, over 18s only! If you enjoy this novella check out the seriously exciting novel: The Dangerous Art of Inviting Happiness. Also by the same author, the shockingly sexy: Good Girl

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