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A New Believer's Bible Commentary: Genesis - Deuteronomy

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If you know more lines from Star Wars then you do from the Bible then this book is for you! Years ago I became frustrated with the number of commentaries that seemingly required a degree in something Biblical to be easily read by the average believer. Since I had such a degree, and was seemingly able to relate to an 'average person' people who should have known better encouraged me to write a commentary that they could read and enjoy. So I did. And I included stories from my life, and some from theirs, to help illustrate what the Bible is trying to say to us today.
Will you agree with all of it? Probably not. The Bible is a big book (actually it is a collection of books) and I can't think of one theologian I fully agree with on everything either. But at least you will understand what you disagree with, and that is valuable as well.

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