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Legend's End

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In a world ravaged by nuclear waste, the wolves are rising.

Nearly a thousand years ago, wolf culture began to evolve from the ashes of human society. The canines advanced rapidly over the centuries as they mastered the uses of language, writing, fire, craftsmanship, and metals. They began to branch out, make new discoveries and recording their history.
Now in a medieval age of development, wolf-kind is being threatened by a vicious she-wolf and her acquiescent mate, who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Only a conflicted young wolf named Rakuro, who holds the power to make or break the future of all wolf-kind, can stop them.
As the struggle for the ultimate goal--a secret from the beginning of wolf history--escalates, Rakuro is faced with a choice that will not only define who he is, but will change the future of his species.

If infinite knowledge lay within your grasp...

What would you do?

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