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A Tree Change: From a Spiritual Perspective

76 pages51 minutes


Are you happy where you live? Are you living your ideal lifestyle? Are you doing the work that you love to do? These three simple questions should be important to everyone and you should be able to honestly answer – "Yes, yes and yes!" If not, this ebook is for you! An explanation of why you feel that you need a ‘Tree Change’ in your life and how to begin to make sense of the situation and eventually create an exciting life for yourself! Whether you want to move to the green country, the exciting city or the enticing mountains, The Abbotts will show you how! Plus tips on how to buy a house in romantic Tuscany, Paris or Spain! For anyone who has ever thought "If only...?" this is the ebook for you! Written in The Abbotts easy to understand style and with short channelled messages from the Ascended Masters, plus exercises to help you find that dream life, you will soon discover that special location!

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