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Spaghetti Goblinaise

66 pages41 minutes


This isn't pretty. Goblins involved themselves in this story just when I thought it was looking promising. Goblins are mean and disgusting. So, a summary of the story. Imagine a wonderful town where everything is perfect because everyone eats a magical meal called spaghetti goblinaise. Now imagine that the recipe for that meal is stolen by some horrid goblins and things start to fall apart in the once-wonderful town. Someone would need to go and get the recipe back, wouldn't they? Too right. Best friends Maffy and Zoogs head into the dark forest on an extremely important adventure to get the recipe back. Along the way there is plenty of magic, an unusual tribe of girls called Uugraas and heaps of goblin action. Beware, this little story (43 pages) contains occasional, low-level toilet humour.

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