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Destroying Spiritual Strongholds

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God’s powerful promises to us who abide in Christ have been mostly unfulfilled because of strongholds in our hearts. A stronghold consists of well-protected walls in the spiritual heart, so that it refuses to let God or anything else touch a sensitive area. The heart’s natural fearfulness gives the devil room to manipulate us out of most of our boundless love and power of staying in Christ without the mind being aware of these decisions. Therefore the heart is very self-deceptive, even as Jeremiah 17:9 says. In this book we see how experiences and demons create a stronghold, and also see how to destroy it in oneself and in others who want to be free. Destroying it includes a good preparation and good follow-up to Jesus' work of deliverance: all help the freedom to last. Therefore this book shows the nature of the spiritual warfare that comes with seeking to move into God’s mighty provisions for us in Jesus.

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