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Seven Prophetic Signs Before Jesus Returns - A Bible Study Aid Presented By

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The Bible is filled with prophecies. Some have already been fulfilled, while others are still awaiting their ultimate fulfillment. These seven prophecies, some fulfilled and some unfulfilled, must come to pass before Jesus Christ returns to earth. For the first time in history, each one is possible. Will this generation see Jesus' return? - Inside this booklet: - Introduction: Seven Prophetic Signs Before Jesus Return - 1. Mankind Must Have the Ability to Exterminate Itself - 2. A Jewish Homeland will be Established in Israel - 3. The "King of the North" and "King of the South" will Rise as Regional Powers - 4. A Dominating Roman System Will Come to Power - 5. The United States and Great Britain will Fall with the State of Israel - 6. The Gospel of the Kingdom will be Preached in the Entire World - 7. Instant Worldwide Communications will be Possible at the Time of God's Final Two Witnesses

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