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Not Quite Wonderland

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Alice is bored with her daily life; she’d rather fantasize about magic and romance. Her best friend Clary is more concerned with school and homework. One night, Clary and Alice’s brother disappear and they find themselves in Laurelin—a kingdom in another world. Their arrival coincides with the disappearance of the Princess. As Clary tries to adjust to her stay in the kingdom, she’s recruited to investigate some strange accusations which might be connected to the Princess’ disappearance.
Princess Elina leads a charmed life. She’s happy to leave the kingdom’s care in the hands of her older sister, the White Queen, who is trying to clean up the mess their mother left behind. She isn’t prepared for one of her guards to turn traitor. He kidnaps her and whisks her away to another world. When they become unintentionally stuck there, Elina has to figure out a way to get home. Thankfully, she finds Alice, who is willing and eager to help. Now if only Elina could understand her kidnapper's motives.

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