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Neighbour Problems

79 pages42 minutes


It is well known that many of us have neighbour problems this is no secret but how to deal with them is another matter. In the pages of this book you will learn how to deal with issues such as boundary disputes, noisy dogs, cat fouling, troublesome neighbours, noisey children, nosey neighbours, gossip, and lots more. I have tried to cover all possible scenarios so I am sure there will be an answer to your problem. It also introduces you to the world of magic where you will learn how to deal with people using metaphysical methods dolls, lemons,Goofer dust and more. Also more importantly it tells you what not to do and how to protect yourself from the evil eye. its all here waiting for you. always make sure that you have the knowledge before you ever need it then should a problem arise with your neigbours you will know what to do.

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