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A Purpose Under Heaven

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The setting, the early 1880s; the place, near the eastern border of Washington Territory and Oregon State. Not exactly an easy place or time to be a widow, but that's just what Linnie Bingham is. With no longing thoughts of anyone but her beloved Eric since his death over ten years ago, she resolves to live her life as a single woman doing a man's job: farming a homestead that her children would be helping her with--that is if they were still alive too. So many times she could have given in--would have given in. Yet it wasn't her strength that sustained her. It was the strength found only in the Lord, something a kind stranger passing through is so desperately searching for but just doesn't know it--yet. Through Linnie, this gentleman stranger finds love, not only hers, but of the God she serves as well. It is here where Linnie finds her purpose under heaven...and helps the stranger find his.

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