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The Carters like to have fun. Dirty, sinful fun! Chloe knows all about the parties they throw at their villa, or at least she thinks she does. The young American is in for shocks and surprises after accepting the invitation to go on vacation with Isabelle and her employers, Hugo & Rosemary Carter.
Isabelle knows the week will test Chloe far more than she has prepared for, but wants to give her pretty friend the dirty excitement she craves, and in doing, take her own pleasure from watching another young woman experience the shame, embarrassment, lust and debauchery she herself has been subjected to by the Carters and their friends.
Hugo is intelligent, methodical and deliberate. His muscular frame and maturity both intimidates and excites the young women.
Rosemary is gentle but dominating, with a daring imagination.
SUBJECTED, a controversial tale of sex, submission, nudity, lust, humiliation, passion and fear! Over 18s only!

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