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The Exposure Games

94 pages1 hour


The first in the breath-taking, erotic saga!
The Exposure Games. The most daring, exciting, indecent and scandalous event ever broadcast on mainstream TV! Penny is thrilled to hear the two young men on whom she has a secret crush are to be players in the controversial show, and her best friend Cassie is then truly shocked when Penny declares that she has applied to be the contestant. The redhead girl from Pittsburgh will be chased, hounded through The Labyrinth, facing challenging obstacles and dangerous choices. Corey and Mike are sexy, gorgeous hunks, the objects of Penny’s sexual fantasies, but will she have the strength, determination and courage to make it through the Exposure Games’ three hot stages? Escape-Evasion-Compliance.
Contains very graphic sex! Over 18s only.

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