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The Olympias

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As Henry begins to enjoy life, he’s cursed: he can see the future.
Wounded in the Boer War, Henry returns to England shocked to discover he’s a father-to-be. He wants to live a full life but doesn’t understand his wife Anne. She figures he’s cheating, and Henry’s best friend William gets caught up. And then there’s Jeanette, Henry's true love.
1914: war is brewing. Henry sees Europe’s dreadful fate. Jeanette is in France where everything is about to explode. Unfit for war, Henry wriggles into the British Army with one goal in mind: save Jeanette.
Henry has help. Someone from the other side gives him safe conduct future visions. But there are rules. Playing along means abandoning his friends – and Europe – to fate.
William and Frank are loyal to Henry. The trio are in newly-occupied France, and the German net is closing. They need to get back to English lines, avoiding enemy movement and spies. The action heats up and things become desperate.
"There’s more depth to it. But you know… spoilers."

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