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An arrogant, high profile scientist at a Midwest university is found dead and headless marking the beginning of a series of events that push the brilliant but somewhat misanthropic Dr. Andy Cobb to the top of the suspect list. Andy's alleged guilt is bolstered by circumstantial evidence and a personal vendetta against him by the local law enforcer, Art Fletcher. As Andy strives to avoid the law while solving the murder mystery, he is aided by a group of eclectic friends including Charlie, a beautiful invalid, and her daughter Beauty; Trey, the friendly giant; Greta the insightful owner of the local bistro "Vibe"; Hal, a super wealthy, pot-soaked scientific colleague; and John, his ephemeral sensei. Andy combines his skills in the martial arts and nanotechnology to confront each obstacle he encounters while attempting to solve the murder. At the same time he barely manages to subdue his own internal demons as he struggles to cope with the recent death of his soul mate, Brianna.

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