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Feelied: Anthology

165 pages2 hours


Feelied: an Anthology of Fairy-tales is a collection of ten stories ranging from 100 to 11,000 words covering many time frames and characters within the same world of fairies, pixies, and imps. Ever wonder the difference between fairies, pixies, and imps? Wonder no more! as these tales of war, romance, and corruption will surely sate your curiosity.

Includes ten stories:

Feelied: 11,500

The Butterfly and the Bee: 1,00

The Tax Collector: 2,600

Jasper Island: 3,500

The Offender: 500

The Agent: 3,600

Voice of The Shogun: 1,000 words

The Tale of Thorg: 700

The World-leech: 7,500

The Painted Forest: 3,200

Total word-count: 35,300

All word counts are approximate.

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