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A Prophecy for the United States: The Book of Obadiah

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Many Christians have wondered why there is no prophecy about the United States in the Bible, because it prophesies much about the world today. In this book we can see clearly that God prophesies about the U.S. in Obadiah as the nation approaches choosing decisively for or against Jesus. Obadiah reveals two alternative futures: one will be chosen, which will also reject the other. One future is gross sin and a resulting just judgment of being destroyed forever from being a people. The other future is a wonderful transformation of the U.S. by joining itself to Christ Jesus as one of His national disciples. As the Bible shows, believers in Jesus within a land prepare (or fail to prepare) the U.S. or any nation to make the good choice. This book duplicates "God's Word to the United States" (don't buy both). "God's Just Judgment of a Nation" is a less specific picture that comes from a bigger Scripture: all 12 Minor Prophets.

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