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Darcy Blair is in New York City. She has had a wonderful week, mainly because her mean and selfish husband has been tied up in business meetings all the time. Now they have both been invited along to a party by his clients, but not just any party, the notorious once a year event at the Drexler Building, owned by the reclusive billionaire, where all the guests wear masks, and all kinds of mischief takes place.
Her husband Eric does not want her there, and insists Darcy leaves after one drink, but when he accuses her of flirting with the clients, and insults her, she is determined Eric Blair will not get his way. Unknown to her husband Darcy slips back into the party, and straight to the next floor up, where things get much naughtier.
In the hall at the very top of the Drexler Building is The Room, where only the most daring ladies visit. Darcy has been warned about it, she reads the note on the door, but still she enters, knowing exactly what she wants!
Graphic sex, over 18s only!

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