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The Offering

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Paige is happily married, and her husband Conrad Thornton is a handsome and successful man. Their life in Manhattan is good and Paige adores their apartment overlooking the Hudson River. However, what’s wrong with a little adventure now and then? She has been admiring the sexy black man who sits near her in the coffee shop each morning for some time, and is overjoyed to discover he is actually an old friend of Conrad’s. The beautiful redhead is then extremely curious when her husband tells her of the ‘wild times’ he and his old buddy used to have, and suggests she herself might enjoy being wild too.
After inviting the tall, handsome man to dinner one evening things take a seriously erotic turn and Paige finds herself in a threesome with her husband and the gorgeous man whose dark flesh and bulging muscles thrill her, though not nearly as much as his big, black c…
Contains graphic sex, over 18s only!

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