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Quick Start Guide to Relationship Recovery

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Do you have a habit of choosing partners and friends that are unhealthy and unstable? Are you struggling with addiction, alcoholism, abuse, or other forms of dysfunction? Are you an entrepreneur looking for a way to improve the quality of life at home?

My name is Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson and I’m a recovering alcoholic and master of self-sabotage! I have spent years in relationships that were heart-breaking and dysfunctional. I also worked my butt off at dead-end jobs never reaching that level of success I have always envisioned.

I finally learned how to rid myself of that misery and create a marriage and a business that brings me happiness and success.

Although this book is written from a dysfunctional relationship coaching aspect, learning how to have healthy relationships over-all is a powerful step in your business success strategy.

Quick Start Guide to Relationship Recovery teaches you 6 ways to create clarity and prosperity in your life and business!

Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson

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