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The Exposure Games 2, Defiance

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The Exposure Games. The most daring, indecent, scandalous event ever broadcast. The first season had been a great success. Its second season then surpassed all expectation, especially the final episode in which a young woman named Penny's exciting games concluded in an even more thrilling, gasping & sordid finale.
The show has now been banned from TV but will go on, and bigger than ever! The production company have purchased a whole island in Lake Huron and intend to play another season, being videoed and going out live across the world on the internet. There is also a live audience and instead of one fearless girl competing against the gorgeous, muscular chaser guys, there will be two.
Sigourney and her friend are good-natured Milwaukeean girls trying to get by in the broken US economy of 2021. Teagan has a plan to improve their lot, but will Sigourney be prepared to enter the games with her best friend? Can either girl truly be ready for the hot, lustful and revealing adventures of The Exposure Games?

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