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Victory Over Life Crisis

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The author shares personal testimonies of how his faith caused a supernatural change in his life. Crisis are inevitable, we all will be challenged with a catastrophe at least once in our life.
This book gives the reader how to come out of overwhelming odds and what will seem like a dead end situation. Dr. DuRant tells some of his life traumatic challenges, such as; being blind, bilateral amputee (ran over by a train), drug and alcohol addictions, and betrayal. He tells us how through the Word of God and walking in faith he overcame those tremendous challenges.
You won’t be able to put this book down. God has the power and the love for his people to enable us to overcome life crisis.
If God can bring this man from living in the streets, being incarcerated, to success and a man of god, he can enable you to have victory in & over “your” crisis.

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