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Over Power

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America is in dire straits. Unemployment is high, food is scarce, and disease is widespread. Josh Victor is an MIT graduate headed to Godsfield, Ohio, on an adventure to help a woman he has never met, hoping he will be useful in the battle to win back America. A believer for only a short time, Josh arrives at Joan Darcy’s door two days later, wondering if he is truly ready for his next challenge. Joan considers herself a failure, but is determined to follow the Lord’s direction. After Josh and Joan share their personal stories, she reluctantly agrees to lead a faithful band of believers to rally against the evil around them. From her small living room, Joan’s insights combine with Josh’s technical expertise to produce a synergistic force they can only hope will achieve positive turnaround in a country desperate for change. Over Power is the inspirational story of ordinary people determined to overcome darkness and rise in faith and victory as each attempts to discover God’s plan for them.

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