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Victorian King James Version of the New Testament: A “Selection” for Lovers of Elizabethan and Victorian Literature

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Many revisions of the King James (Authorized) Bible of 1611 exist; even revisions of revisions have been done (ASV to NASB / RV to RSV / KJV to NKJV, etc.). The present work is a similar “hybrid”. I don't know Greek, and am therefore not qualified in the slightest to actually translate (and did not translate a single word). But I know English (as a professional author) and know the Bible (as a longtime Christian apologist) very well. This work, accordingly, isn't technically a new translation at all, but rather a “selection” or collection of what I personally felt were the best renderings that maintained the KJV style as much as possible without the archaisms. When I updated the olde English language, I sought to maintain a "high" Victorian 18th-19th century style of (British) English. This NT "selects" from the following six translations (all in the public domain): 1) KJV (1611; rev. 1769), 2) Rheims (1582; rev. 1750), 3) Young's Literal (1887), 4) Weymouth (1903), 5) 20th Century (1904), 6) Moffatt (1922).

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