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One Company Under God

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God called the disciples to leave their families and jobs behind to follow Him. Matthew 4:20 describes their obedience as “straightway” leaving their work behind to follow Him. What if, instead of calling you to leave your job, God called you to donate a percentage of your business proceeds to support His ministries? What if obeying that call required you to walk away from employment with an established, successful business to begin again as an entrepreneur? What if answering that call meant you might go without a salary for four years?In 2004, Simon Lee did receive this call from God. His ten-year journey with Christ leading the company has been amazing. He has not only met God’s call to donate 50 percent of his company profits to Christian ministries, but EIS Office Solutions, Inc., has grown from a start-up company into a strong, competitive business. One Company Under God was written to showcase God’s faithfulness to our obedience and to invite your company to support God’s ministries at home and abroad.

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