The Ten Commitments

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The Ten Commitments

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The Ten Commitments is a book of suggestions and like the Ten Commandments, it gleams truisms and meaning from the Holy Bible. How do we live our Lives? What is the meaning of life? What is the way to a peaceful and quiet existence? This book answers these questions and more. The greatest fraud the world has ever known is revealed in The Ten Commitments. The questions are real and so are the religious answers. The last thing to die in a man is made known in this book. It discusses how our reach must exceed our grasp, how we are born nobodys and strive to become somebodys, why the word is evil and justice seems to be elusive. It is all about YOU! It is not a book on spiritualism and in fact it is a book of spirituality vs religion. It delineates what are the differences in religions and speaks about religion spirituality. If you have a desire to better understand God’s will in your life and your position amongst the saints, you should read this book and pass it on to all believers and unbelievers as an evangelical tool.

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