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The Covenants of the Bible

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Religion & Spirituality - The “Covenants of the Bible” describes
the partnerships between God and man. Throughout the over 6,000
years of human existence, God has been faithful to His promises;
man has not! A good many practicing Christians are unfamiliar
with all of the biblical covenants and the history and context
behind them. This book offers insightful background and a general
understanding of each covenant and is a good starting point leading
to devout bible study and a better understanding of biblical theology
and bible history. It is not a book on spiritualism and in fact it
is a book of spirituality vs religion. It delineates what are the
differences in religions and speaks about religion spirituality.
If you have a desire to better understand God’s will in your life
and your position amongst the saints, you should read this book
and pass it on to all believers and unbelievers as an evangelical

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