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Zara, Warrior of Light: Assassins of Light - Book Two

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Zara has returned to the planet Cera after her death in an earth form. Because of the death she will be unable to continue as a warrior. Her body and Spirit would be too vulnerable. As a result she has decided to become a detective similar to what she experienced on earth.

But something unheard of has happened. Taryn, the rogue Ceran who she killed on earth, is back. Because of being unchanged for many thousands of years on earth, his spirit has taken on a life of its own and is now inhabiting the body of Fen, a cousin of Zara’s. Taryn’s spirit and will is strong and he wants to rule the three planet system. He feels it is his right, but the system of government has changed over thousands of years and now the planets are ruled by a democratically-elected government. There isn’t any need for revolution, but Taryn is obsessed with his old ideas.

Taryn tries to form another revolution, but is thwarted by Zara. He steals an armory ship and heads back to earth to sell the arms to whoever will buy them. Zara pursues him and when he tries to sell the arms to the Saudis a huge fight takes place, most of the Saudis are killed as well as Fen. In the fight a dear friend is killed, one who loved Zara and died saving her life.

Devastated, Zara goes back to Cera and her relationship with Jaxon gives her solace, but as usual there is a complication that causes worries for the Warriors and Zara. How can this be resolved?

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