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After the destruction on Ellesmere Island, Brennan, lord of the dark pack, leads the surviving werewolves on a mission to hunt down Cameron Rossin and get revenge. Brennan sends his wolves to attack Cameron's friends and family to bring him as much pain and suffering as possible.

The first assault occurs when dozens of wolves are unleashed into the streets of Portland, Oregon killing anyone who happens to be nearby. Not only will Cameron have to escape this massacre, he quickly learns that his situation has grown worse.

To save a friend, Cameron will have to return to his hometown of Longview, Washington and confront Brennan on Mount Nolo, the very place where James Langley cursed him as a werewolf. But in doing so, Cameron is in danger of turning into the monster he has fought so long not to become.

Also included is the short story Werewolf in Bigfoot Country. When a werewolf flees into the forests of Southwest Washington to make its domain, it quickly learns that there is already a king of the forest.
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