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Even The Scars Are Fading

Length: 56 pages20 minutes


Book One, the first in a series of poetry books. This edition has thirty thought-provoking poems that will take the reader through our times, and times gone by, and our relationships as we feel them. 

Tasnim wrote two poems which are included in this collection while she was visiting India and was at the Divan E Khas in the red palace court in Fatepur Sikri, City of Victory, a city near Agra in Uttar Pradesh. She wrote 'You Must Remember This' as she visualised the times during which the Mughals must have lived. The other poem written like this is called 'Tawaif'.

There is treat in a poem written in Swahili with the translation, which shows her happy origins from Mombasa, Kenya.  

Tasnim is also an artist, the cover is a painted work in acrylic on canvas painted by her.

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