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Janice Jellyfish and Tidal Pool: Children's Books and Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-8 for Fun Loving Kids

34 pages


Everyone on the beach is headed to spend the day in and around the largest tidal pool. The crab family, starfishes, oysters and others are invited to the big party. Janice, a pale pink jellyfish wants to play in the tidal pools but her family and the sign nearby the tidal pools say she isn't allowed inside. What happens when an extra-large wave drops her into the tidal pool? Will she be allowed to stay and make new friends or will one of the Chief Gulls who patrol the area pick her up and drop her back into the ocean? What about the rainclouds that are threatening to dump rain on everyone? Will they ruin the party? Or will the other sea creature's fear of her poisonous tentacles leave her friendless?

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