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The Realms of War Trilogy 4

Length: 147 pages2 hours


The Realms of War Trilogy 4 bundles together 3 sizzling hot books, the Realms of War 10, 11 and 12! Leila and the survivors continue their journey after the Fall of the Elves. It is highly recommended though not required that the Realms of War Trilogy 1, 2, 3. This bundle contains the following:

The Realms of War 10: Charming the Ancient Treants

Leila and her compatriots quietly hide from the Horde, trying to figure out what their next plan of action will be. When Leila goes out scouting and hunting, she encounters a Troll scout and immediately kills him. Knowing that the dead scout will result in more Trolls, Leila and the others decide it is time to move on. As Leila realizes that the Trolls are heading North, she guesses that this group is planning on flanking Ariel, the Ice Mistress. Leila and the others choose to get ahead of the Trolls to try and warn Ariel but Robyn decides to split from the group.

Robyn plans on heading South instead, to train and become a Shifter like the one she saved in the Horde encampment. They part ways and Robyn heads South as the others rush North. However, Robyn runs into a strangely desolate and dark forest to encounter an ancient creature that was thought to be extinct, the Treant. Robyn has quite an interesting experience with the Treant while Leila is surprised by a group of Trolls. Can Robyn charm the ancient beast and will Leila overcome the Trolls?

The Realms of War 11: The Fall of the King

Leila and her compatriots are being protected by the Treants Robyn found while she headed South. Unbeknownst to them, Robyn's deal for protection requires them to be able to help the Treants procreate. Leila finds out the truth but before she can fully discuss the repercussions of Robyn's deal they are ambushed by the Horde. To Leila's horror, an old friend reappears, helping to take them into custody.

Leila awakes to find herself captured by the Lich King himself. She is introduced to a familiar face, who is no longer the person she once knew. The Lich King gloats in victory as he has the various members of the Horde feed Leila and her sister the familiar Goblin potion of lust, better known as the Call of the Krakenos before having them surrounded by the powerful beasts of the Horde. Yet another familiar face shows up to bring down Leila's spirits even more. Can Leila and the others continue on rebelling against the Horde or is this the end of their adventure?

The Realms of War 12: The Berserker's Rage

When the Lich King is incapacitated, the Horde falters. Leila and Aewyn band together a group of survivors and head back to their home to the fallen kingdom of Erun. As Robyn and Grace depart for their own mission, Rick and Kara join in their stead. Both are human survivors of the vicious Horde attack. When the survivors cross the seas and land upon the lands to the East, they encounter the remnants of the Horde.

Rick decides to stall for time so that the others can run, but it is of no use as a group of Orcs ambush Leila's group. When Rick finds Leila and Aewyn, he learns that Kara and several others have been taken by the Orcs. Leila is highly suspicious of Rick after he survives against insurmountable odds.

He reveals that he has the ability to become a beast, a Berserker, able to unleash a rage that even Orcs cannot hold back. Leila, Aewyn, Rick and a group of survivors find the Orcs and descend upon them. But while they were looking for the Orcs, was Kara able to fend for herself?

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