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Mr. Applecrumble and the Big Red Stamp

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Mr. Applecrumble #4:

Mr. Applecrumble and the Big Red Stamp

1150 words

Crusty and delightfully dotty grandfather Arthur Applecrumble works as an inventor of toys and novelties.

He sells them to the local factory, but they have to be approved by the inspector, who is quick to spot faults.

Unfortunately, he is very forgetful and his ideas often go wrong, so he struggles to survive and impress his grandchildren.

This is a series of short stories suitable for reading aloud to children of preschool age.

In this adventure:The Big Red Stamp, Arthur has trouble sending a letter to his granny at the North Pole.

Do you want your child to grow up smart? — then read to them. There is no end to the benefits gained from listening to stories:

The understanding of words and how to use them.

Getting to know about things like colors, shapes, and numbers.

Learning how people and objects interact.

Knowing true from false, real from imagined comes from fairy tales and fantasies.

As you read to your child, you strengthen the bond between you. You give them a lifetime advantage. They gain:

increased vocabulary

higher IQ

ability to communicate

understanding of the world

how to deal with people

distinguishing right from wrong

learning to focus and concentrate

developing imagination

a source of lifelong pleasure

Many academic studies confirm the benefits of reading to preschoolers. If you neglect to read to your children, they lose one of the most beneficial experiences they can have. Reading to a glowing-eyed child is often one of the most agreeable tasks of being a parent. From tiny acorns great Oaks grow.



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