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A Celebration of Erotic Massages: Kate Is Open for Business Volume 1

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Her husband, Steve, had become her assistant and did pretty much whatever Kate told him to do. She had Steve wearing little skimpy outfits and dressing up like a cheap whore at times when he greeted her clients. Some of her clients thought she had hired a new girl to help out with things. Kate informed them that Steve’s name was ‘Mandy’. The men loved Mandy and the tight little mini skirts she wore and although she never spoke, she always flashed them a big smile when she was getting them ready for their ‘session’ with Kate.

Kate had built a very wealthy clientele with her private home massage business. She was discreet and that is why her clients loved her so much. The majority of her clients had become regulars who ordered her ‘celebration’ services. The massages that gave them a little extra relaxation and fantasy or fetish, whatever they wanted.

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