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Alcoholism-My Fate Worse Than Death and My Resurrection

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This tale has a happy ending that can be replicated by any alcoholic.
I am an alcoholic over 30 years dry. No need for me to keep track of the exact number since there is no danger that I will ever drink again. I don’t need to live one day at a time from the perspective of my alcoholism and never have since the beginning of my dry period. Why not? Read this and find out how I can make this claim.
Additionally since becoming dry I can serve others alcoholic beverages in my home, go to parties where drinking is prevalent, and even enter a liquor store and happily buy booze for someone else with no temptation to myself.
‘I know with absolute certainty I will never again drink because I know for me even a single drink of alcohol is a fate worse than death’.
This is my story supplemented by a personal family impact narrative and an inspiring ‘power of the mind’ story written by Clem’s Niece.

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