The Fire of the Soul

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The Fire of the Soul

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Length: 375 pages5 hours


The Great Emerald of the East has been stolen. King Henryk of Sapaudia has assigned Garit and Durand to find and return it. The trail Chandelar, so Garit stops to visit his grandmother, the still feisty Lady Elgida. He meets Elgida’s companion, Calia, and for the first time in years he finds a woman interesting. Upon learning from Garit that his widowed stepmother, Fenella, has married again, Elgida decides to travel overseas to visit Fenella and her two sons, Garit’s half-brothers.

Calia is horrified by the idea, for she has just learned that Fenella’s new husband is her own wicked half-brother, Mallory. She is sure Mallory married Fenella deliberately, to reach a position from which he can avenge himself upon Garit’s family for the death of his father, whom Garit exposed as a traitor. Lady Elgida refuses to allow Calia to tell any of this to Garit, and swears Calia to silence.

Garit, Lady Elgida, Calia, and Durand all embark on the ship Queen of Kantia, with Garit’s friend, Captain Pyrsig. Thus begins a long and dangerous voyage, with a violent storm driving the ship off course, Matarami pirates following them, a long day sailing through a sea filled with icebergs and, finally, arrival at the capital of Chandelar with its six fiery volcanoes at the harbor entrance.

There the Great Mage Ultan summons Calia and gives her a small silver casket, which he orders her to place directly into the hands of his daughter, Laisren, Queen of Kantia. Meanwhile, Calia has fallen in love with Garit, but he doesn’t know who her father was. When he learns the truth, and he surely will, Calia is certain he will hate her. Worse, Lady Elgida once again forbids Calia to reveal the truth to Garit. When they finally reach Kantia and Garit’s childhood home of Kinath Castle, they find Sir Mallory acting like the lord of the castle. Upon learning that the boys are at the capital, acting as pages to Queen Laisren, the little group heads for Kerun City, knowing Mallory and his obedient wife, Fenella, will follow.

At the Kantian court, Lady Elgida loudly voices her concern about her grandsons and demands that King Dyfrig of Kantia give the boys into Garit’s custody. The angry king sends her and her companions away from court for three days, which will give Mallory time to reach the city and make his own supplication to the king. The travelers take refuge at the home of Durand’s sister, Ilona, and her husband, Euric.

Just before they leave the palace, Queen Laisren summons Calia and Durand to a private meeting. There, Calia is able to hand over the silver casket and the message it contains from the Great Mage Ultan. Later, an infuriated Mallory strikes his wife, uses his corrupt Power to destroy an informant, then attacks the king, leaving him unable to rule. When the injured Fenella arrives at the palace, Laisren, horrified by Mallory’s actions, provides a document giving Garit’s brothers to Lady Elgida to raise and she encourages Fenella to follow Calia’s suggestion to sail from Kerun with her sons.

A battle on the docks leaves Garit’s squire, badly injured. Fenella, her two boys and Lady Elgida all sail at once, but Calia, Garit, and Durand are to ride over the border to Chandelar, to return the casket to Ultan. They leave immediately. Along the way they are attacked by robbers, who are working with Mallory. At Durand’s order, Calia uncloaks her small amount of Power and links it with him to defeat the robbers.

Back in Chandelar Calia hands the casket to Ultan. When he opens it and sees the Emerald he says the jewel will remain there, from where it was originally taken thousands of years ago. Then, as the ancient legend states, peace will finally come to the Known World. Garit has asked Calia to marry him, and Ultan offers to perform the rites. Later that same day, Garit and Calia are wed, and the pair enjoys a blissful wedding night.

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