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The Secret Heart

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Roarke and Garit have been searching for Garit’s missing fiancé, Lady Chantal, when they find a woman wandering along a deserted beach. She looks so much like Chantal that Garit believes she has returned to him. But the woman claims to have no memory at all. After repeated questioning she says she thinks her name may be Jenia. This evokes no recognition for Garit. But Roarke has an idea. They will take the woman to the royal court at Calean City and present her as Chantal, in hope of upsetting whoever may be responsible for Chantal’s disappearance.
Jenia readily consents to the scheme, because Calean City is exactly where she wants to go. She has her own plan of revenge. During the journey, while trying to keep Garit at a distance, Jenia gradually falls in love with Roarke. He finds her fascinating, but won’t pursue her, because if she really is Chantal, then she is his best friend’s love.

Along the way, they stop for a night at Nozay Manor, held by Lord Giles, mentor to both men, who trains boys to be honest knights. Giles is also a powerful mage. Intrigued by Jenia’s story, he agrees to meet them in Calean City.

During a later stop at Auremont, Garit’s castle, Jenia sees how he has prepared to receive his love, Chantal, and her heart nearly breaks with tender sympathy.

In Calean City at last, Jenia is presented to King Henryk and Queen Hannorah. Before them she reveals her true identity and accuses the king of a terrible crime. Henryk claims he is innocent, and his queen backs him up. Roarke and Garit both insist the king would never commit such a crime. When Lord Giles and the powerful Lord Mage Serlion both agree, it becomes clear that another villain is responsible for Chantal’s disappearance. One of King Henryk’s spies, newly returned from the neighboring Dominion, suggests a possibility

Now the three friends and Lord Giles set off again, to track down the villain and traitor. This leads to fresh revelations of a complex plot against Sapaudia.

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