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The Magnificence of Jesus: A Commentary On The Gospel of John - Volume 1

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The Magnificence of Jesus, Volume 1 (covering John chapters 1-10) is the latest addition to digital books authored by Tom Wacaster. Regarding this first volume brother B.J. Clarke has noted: "The book you hold in your hand, authored by brother Tom Wacaster, is a truly outstanding lens in seeing a high definition portrait of Jesus Christ as painted by John’s inspired pen. Brother Wacaster points out that John is often called the Gospel of Belief, and appropriately so. However, brother Wacaster also pinpoints the reason why some believed on Christ, and why some did not. Those who believed in Christ did so because they saw His Magnificence! The greatest blessing I received in reading brother Wacaster’s commentary on John is to see the magnificence of Jesus portrayed so vividly on the canvas of John’s gospel record. Whether you are reading this book as one who has never believed in Christ as the Son of God, or as one who has believed in His Deity for decades, you are about to enter an awe-inspiring study. As you journey through John, with brother Wacaster as a ready and able tour guide of the text, get ready for some breathtaking vistas of the Magnificent Messiah!" This is the first in a two-volume set, in both printed and digital format. Any serious student of the Bible will benefit from this book.

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