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A New Approach on Old Issues Of Ancient Vietnamese History

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This is the free old version of my new book. The book ISBN 9781370154548 affirms that Nan Jiao 南交 , Jiao Zhi 交阯 , Xiang Jun 象郡 , Jiu Zhen 九真, and Ri Nan 日南 are united concepts related to Chinese Classical Astronomy. On the way of opening the meanings of Nan Jiao, Jiao Zhi, Xiang Jun, Jiu Zhen, and Ri Nan by astronomical, accidentally I discovered the meaning of non-superstition and how to form River Map (河圖), Lo Shu Square (洛書), Yin Yang (陰陽), Five Elements (Wuxing五行) and Yijing (易經). This may be the first time in the history of East Asia, the sacred "holy grail" of China is recognized in the light of science. References are still rough because they are far from the main subject of the book, but they are more plausible and reliable than any of the illusory sources ever put on form River Map, Lo Shu Square, Yin Yang, Five Elements and Yijing.

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