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At Death's Door

26 pages22 minutes


A macabre stream of consciousness tale with a heavy dose of creeping horror, At Death's Door is the latest in a series of standalone digital shorts culled from the author's collection, ISOLATION SPACE.

Male pride and ageing flesh is never a good combination; a lesson Jeremy McMahn learns the hard way when his car comes off the road at a bend taken too fast. The thrill of speed and recollected youth ends in mangled metal...

Crawling from the wreckage of his car, delirious, surely hallucinating, Jeremy finds himself haunted by the spectral figure of a woman calling him to follow. She's the very image of his wife, rejuvenated; how can that be possible?

Lured onwards, he finds himself stumbling over the edge of reason. Out of body, out of mind, out of his depth: Jeremy's journey into the heart of the macabre is only just beginning...

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