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Bring her Back Tales from around the fire

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The tale from around the fire is a time honored tradition in the Pride family. It is how the family remember history and tell of battles won and lost. Many tales tell of the members of the family, how they live and how they die in some cases. One at a time,,,
The tale of Vanessa Thorne, Mother of the Pride, is a long one. Her 187 years as a Vampire cousin has led some great adventures and horrible tragedies. Hear the story of how she came to the family known as the Pride and how it took the family to bring her back to the strong vampire she used to be.
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Chapter 13
Winters Embrace
The first book in the Abominations series
Rattlesnake is a werewolf trucker, till an interesting event turns him into a half werewolf, half vampire. Also known as an abomination. Left on the doorstep of the Vampire Pride Family. A group of Abominations and their vampire cousins who take him in. He has been left in the capable hands of Vanessa Thorne. Who he has a strange pull to and has a past of her own.
Publishing in Sept 2015

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