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A Plea In The Darkness

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When an alien fighter craft crash-lands in the Pacific Northwest, the US Air Force immediately sends a team to collect the ship, and hopefully, its pilot. Dr. Kenneth Harris stabilizes the non-human pilot, performs surgery to repair her damaged body, and takes her to an Air Force hospital to see to her recovery.

Awakening from a month-long coma, the alien, whom the doctor has named Laurie, begins to learn English, but keeps that knowledge secret; until she manipulates the Air Force into taking her to her damaged ship by intimating it can perform translation between her native language and English.

After weeks of interrogation, Laurie and her ship’s AI study Earth’s political structures to determine whether the US is worthy to receive their advanced technology. She convinces the authorities of a possible threat from another alien race, the Krev, and she and her ship’s AI enter into a treaty of technology exchange with the U.S. Overcoming Earth’s technological limitations, step by step, Laurie begins to build a fleet of space fighters. But can they be ready before the Krev arrive on Earth? And can our scientists and engineers learn to create a previously unknown element to make an alien fusion reactor?

Because Laurie’s body has difficulties adjusting to life on Earth, Dr. Harris becomes her constant companion, and she and her ship teach him to pilot a fighter craft. But can the doctor find the causes and cures for Laurie’s medical conditions in time to keep her alive?

Can the Air Force maintain secrecy and keep foreign agents from stealing the new technologies? And despite their physical differences, can an alien fighter pilot and a human medical doctor share love?

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