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The Big Guy

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Everyone has a particular physical appearance they’re attracted to. Some like dark hair, dark eyes; some taller than they, equal or shorter. Why would a tiny little girl, a cheerleader under five feet and a hundred pounds get all squirmy when she sees a really big guy. This football center is over six feet and two hundred pounds with muscles like a weightlifter. What could the real attraction be?

Sex. I like sex. It doesn’t have to be all the way sex, I like fooling around, getting excited and all hot and maybe some stink fingering but... going the distance... so far... has been a bit of a disappointment. I like big guys, big hunky football players and workout junkies with bulging muscles and super ego’s, ya know, the King of the Jungle, Tarzan kinda guys.

‘Pencil Dicks’ we laughingly compared notes in the locker room in High School, or ‘Stubbies’, hot dog sized but shorter. Call it a fetish, and maybe it is, but it just seemed like big guys oughta have big tools; I dunno, but with my scholarly duties in hand, I just naturally went looking.

It took about a month before I had everything in hand, scheduled, planned, worked out and manageable. All the required functions of a Freshman college student of age, still not old enough to buy a bottle of wine, but who could find enough parties with alcohol and drugs if one wanted to slip into the groove.

I didn’t; because I wasn’t quite ready and I still wasn’t sure of myself in the almost grown up world of higher education. But I was, ah, well, restless, at odds, uneasy, call it what I may, open to something but just what... I didn’t know.

It had to be fate, happenstance, serendipity or whatever, but there, in front of me, walking alone in the park-like campus walkway between classrooms and dormitory, appeared the same huge hunk I had freaked out over on my first day.

He turned and smiled, I melted into a pool of lust right there in front of him.

“Hi! I remember you!”

“You do?”

“Yeah, you totaled on a lamp post...?

I turned a bright red, I know I did. “Hey, it was my first day, gimme a break!”

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