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Jason Stone: (Book 7): Driving Force

355 pages4 hours


Jason hands over control to Marie and takes a back seat to Elijah and Amanda. Does he loose complete control of everything or just this small part of his life?

Jason's Memere discovers the truth about the artwork they found in the secret room. Was it stolen, lost, or forgotten? Discover who the rightful heir really is.

There were a few new girls in town and one of them was out to discover the truth about Jason and the gang. When Jason's vision becomes reality, he finds out what was revealed. How long will it be before he must find a way to keep their secret from being exposed?

Major changes are about to happen at the summer camp. Jason had thought he was just day-dreaming, but now it appears he may have had a vision. Will his worst thoughts come true? Will this be their last year as counselors at this summer camp?

Brett gets himself involved in a sticky situation and decides to quit working for Jason and the family. Will it come between Wade and the group?

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