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Jason Stone: (Book 3): Powers & Perception

363 pages4 hours


When Elijah’s grandmother reveals her secret to him, his life is thrown into turmoil. Will he ever be able to forgive her? Will her admission throw Jason’s life back into turmoil as well?

Tough decisions will need to be made. Decisions a fifteen year old should not have to make. Will he make the right ones or will they cause further internal conflict?

The car plunging off the bridge into a raging river and the tour bus forced off the highway can not be explained. Could Jason be the cause? Are his powers too much to handle?

Throw in a death in the high school and another in the stables and the news could be devastating to him and his family. Can the witnesses keep their promise not to talk or will someone end up revealing the truth?

Jason remembers when his life was much simpler.

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