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Aham, the Other I

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AHAM is a tale of a young man who believes that the path to true happiness in life is through the relentless pursuit of money. Born in a middle class Indian family, he works hard towards this goal and starts his own entrepreneurial venture in the United States, through which he tastes immense success and wealth. But, fate has a different agenda and through a series of events, he loses what he struggles hard to build over the years. In this extreme dilemma of how to confront the World in a time of sudden loss, he meets an old, inspiring African-American man who shares his life journey through eighteen stories. Through the canvas of 20th century America, the old man paints his adventures from being a slave to a successful businessman by handling wealth and harnessing happiness with equal finesse. Inspired by the eighteen chapters of the epic Indian poem, the Bhagavad Gita, each story has a life message for the young man who finally realizes the secret ingredients of happiness in life. God and Man engage in conversation!

Quoting an avid reader of this book - "The story is all about ups and downs in human life- different degrees of ecstasy and misery a young Indian faced in US, the land of many dreams and opportunities. The story makes us shudder with fear sometimes at the prospects of more failures, more disappointments, more deceits unfolding. But at the end "the other I" remained unfazed by the events. The constant guidance from the Holy Gita, with appropriate and timely assertion of relevant verses from it makes this book very unique and the author a modern exponent of Indian values in a corporate jungle. The story is about the Aham, the me, but behind it is the true reflection of Other I in a mirror that is the Gita".

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