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The Minimal Motorcyclist

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We've all wondered about these things. What to pack? How much is too much? How do those people travel for months and years, and haven't won the lottery?

Andrew Pain is an experienced adventure and overland motorcyclist. He's traveled North and South America on a 250cc motorcycle, and knows what it means to budget the time, the money, and the energy for long overland trips. He's appeared at events such as Overland Expo and Horizons Unlimited to give talks on traveling, budgeting, and packing.

In The Minimal Motorcyclist, Andrew explains his ideas on traveling small, needing less money and gear before leaving and once on the road, and how to maximize the parts of the trip you will always look back on with pleasure. He careful constructs what you really need to travel, and how to sort those things from the amazing variety of gear available for the motorcyclist. And he explains the importance of the trip itself - the need to move from planning the big trip to leaving on it.

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