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A Hunter's Field Notes: Inspiring Stories of Meeting God in the Rugged Outdoors

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Tapping into the market of more than 12 million hunters in the United States alone, avid sportsmen Jay Houston and Roger Medley team up to encourage men to open their hearts and share their values, beliefs, and wisdom with their families. Through stories of hunting and outdoor adventures, they reveal the significance of a man's legacy and offer thought-provoking questions to help him start journaling: How do the traits of bull elk relate to walking with Christ? Hunting prayers center on goals, but is that the best approach? How can hunting skills draw us closer to God? Readers will also discover specifics for creating legacies: using birthday cards to highlight qualities they admire; jotting down insights in the margins of hunting books to give as gifts; and teaching hunting lore while enjoying a venison feast. Jay and Roger urge men to grow spiritually, make their faith known, and pass on their knowledge about life and hunting to the generations to come.

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